Tour Tales // Hoomi Howls

November 13, 2016

14502710_10157558487130173_4662154252216285131_nAbsolute madness and constant curiosity in China and Macao! Heartfelt thanks to the new friends and fans who found us on this adventure.  Also, huge thanks to Haze Sounds and The Canada Council for the Arts for making this trip possible, which happened to span the planet’s most AND least densely populated countries!

Many tales of our romp on our facebook and instagram pages- check them out for more pics and scandalous stories!






I went from China direct to Mongolia to fulfill my long-time dream of studying traditional Khoomi singing and Morin Khuur.  I was honoured to study and play with many incredible traditional artists, and spend some time tromping around the mountains and majestic steppe.   If you haven’t heard this music before, check out some hits, sung by one of my teachers Batzorig!


Still digesting the ox tongue, frogs, coal, mysteries and melodies from this trip, but already planning a return to both places in 2017.  See you folks soon!


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