The Biggest show I’ve ever played: Dukes, Duchesses, and Double-timing

September 19, 2011

Canada Day in Ottawa found me playing twice on Parliament hill with Delhi2Dublin performing new tunes written by yours truly, for a crowd 100,000 strong- including the mysteriously popular royal couple (who said very nice things to us after the show, which I couldn’t understand a word of, as they were speaking in British). Also on the stage was some mighty fine Canadian talent (Great Big Sea, Dan Mangen, Sam Roberts, and Jen Grant to name a few) including the amazing 7-fingers circus (who turned out to have quite an inspiring partying prowess.)

The one trick to the day, was that I had to somehow slip away between these two shows to play with The Opposite of Everything at the Ottawa Jazz fest! Everything seemed to be going according to plan, until I realized that the crowd of 300,000 (who I had to wade through to the other stage), were rabidly following the prince and princess’ limo as they left the hill! Squeezing through the hordes proved to be harder then I could have imagined, as everyone thought I was also chasing the limo!  In the end both shows were a huge success. The opposites rocked the jazz tent, and I didn’t even get tasered by the PM’s bodyguards…

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