Ridonkulous Roams – Indie Music Award – New Tour Dates!

May 27, 2012

Greetings from Bangor, Wales!  Since my last post in this wobbly web domaniac, I’ve been on tour in India to collaborate with Nomadic Rajasthani Gypsies, to Memphis with my Oppositeposse, and all through Europe on a duo tour with BC gypsy Joanna Chapman-Smith (a much more dangerous gypsy then the Rajasthani variety!)

In the midst of that, I’ve been doing a lot of work from my slowly expanding studio “H.O.B. Sound” (on many a fine project, that I’m sure you will hear about very shortly!) off to PEI to start work on Teresa Doyle‘s album (due out this fall!) and to Vancouver to co-write/record for the upcoming Delhi2Dublin album- (due out this summer!) No rest for the wicked, or the , as they say…

Below are some photos of recent adventures (with many more on my fb page for those interested…), show announcements and general newsy nonsense! Cheerio,


Fresh off a 20-hour plane ride, and dumped on stage to do a Juglebandi with Suraj Bhoba – the most senior of the gypsies in the group!




Decided to go for a stroll outside of Eichstätt, and realized I had stumbled upon the German portion of the Camino De Santiago.   If you don’t know the story of my late mentor Oliver Schroer walking the Camino with the violin I now play- read all about it here





MANIC ALMANAC Lays Down the Mac:

“Caboose” From Manic Almanac wins 2012 Independent Music Award!

and there’s a New review in from FolkWorld! A nice Trad-focused online mag, and some nice perspectives on the album:

From the Casey Driessen style southern newgrass of Road to the northern soul of Waterfall, from the Western Swing of Caboose to the eastern mysticism in Tribe of the Coda…. simply beautiful fiddling on Prayer and The Birds Will Sing Again …. Easy listening it ain’t, Manic Almanac: Slow Mobius is full of surprises and too provocative to ignore.”

Read the full article here!



JFF & The Opposite of Everything will be up to their usual festival escapades this year, including the wonderful Vancouver Folk Festival, Sudbury Northern Lights Festival Boréaland the Newfoundland Sound Symposium.  Once again, we would like to thank the Canada Council for the Arts from the bottom of our hearties, for assistance in making our appearance at the Vancouver Folk Festival Possible.



Café Con Pan – Nuevos Caminos A Santiago


Traditional Mexican music in the Son Jericho style with many fine guest Toronto musicians including yours truly! You can hear it online here for a limited time!













Amy Campbell – Letters Home






Amy Cambell – Letters Home – a very fun recording session with the wonderful Amy Cambell, accompanied by nothing but a string section comprised of Ben Whiteley, Don Kerr, and JFF





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